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"Software..." von georg
(29.8.2002, 10:27)

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pressemitteilung von übermorgen ;)



Scranton, PA: A 250,000-piece collection of classic computer software, including many rare and sought-after titles, will be offered at auction September 7th on ebay.

The collection contains approximately 20,000 separate titles, more than half of them pre-1990. It includes a nearly complete line of early products from Accolade, Activision, Epyx, Infocom, LucasArts, Microprose, Origin Systems, Taito, and Virgin.

Most of the items in this collection were designed for a specific kind of home computer: Apple II, Amiga, Atari, C64, Coco, CP/M, Mac, PC, ST, TI, Timex, TRS-80, Vic-20. More than 60% of the pieces in the collection are brand-new and sealed in their original packaging.

This huge collection, assembled over the past 20 years, is truly unique. Collectible software is attracting increasing attention, and the supply is limited. Manufacturing runs for popular game titles were always tiny compared to those of other collectible items such as baseball cards, books, records, stamps, or coins. First runs were typically 2,500 to 5,000 even by major publishers. Old software titles are remarkably rare compared to collectibles in any other entertainment medium.

A few individual pieces from this collection have been auctioned on ebay over the past six months. Some recent winning auction prices indicate the growing interest in these collectibles: Leisure Suit Larry, $122.50; Zork 1, $71; Welltris, $62.50; Hollywood Hijinx, $56; and Starflight, $45. The inventory value of the entire collection is estimated at over $2 million.

The collection has been partially catalogued, and an integral part of the sale consists of the worlds most complete and comprehensive home computer software database in Web-ready format. More than 16,000 of the roughly 20,000 titles have been catalogued in a Microsoft Access database. This database has over one million words of text and over 11,000 scanned pictures of box fronts and backs. All rights to the database will go to the auction winner.

The collection, when sold, must be transported by the buyer from downtown Scranton, PA. This will require several trucks or truckloads. For further information on this ebay auction, contact Eli Tomlinson at 570-840-9942, or elit@adelphia.net <mailto:elit@adelphia.net>. Ebay user ID: elit.

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